Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church  (PTPC) was established in 1751 in
Concord, North Carolina.
  We are a Presbyterian USA Church and are believers in Jesus Christ, striving to spread the Word to the community through teaching, fellowship and friendship.
Enter to worship, Depart to serve.
Come and Worship with Us !
Currently Searching For
Senior Pastor
Debbie Waddell
Church Administrator
Susan Tadlock
Music Director
Donna Bonds
Rev. Dr. David True “Dave”
Interim Pastor
Richard Waddell
Clerk of Session
Rusty Thomas
Deacon Chairperson
Class of 2024
 Brooke Curtis
  Kenneth Land
 Richard Waddell
Gerald Voncannon
Class of 2025
             Steve Swilley
    Jim Smith
             Greg Tadlock
Class of 2026
Arlene Calise
Eddie Morris
Kim Gibson
Class of 2024
   Kerstin Land
     Roger Collinson
    Natalie Swilley
Class of 2025
   Sharon Smith
     Susan Tadlock
    Rusty Thomas
Class of 2026
Charlie Barbee
Leigh Parker
Pat Scott