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Discover God By Doing Life With Others.

At Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, we believe that our spiritual journey is not a solitary endeavor. “Discover God By Doing Life With Others” encapsulates our core philosophy, emphasizing the power and significance of community. Every individual’s relationship with God is unique and deeply personal, yet it flourishes and deepens when nurtured within a community of like-minded believers. By living life in fellowship with others, we are exposed to a myriad of perspectives, experiences, and testimonies that can enlighten our understanding of God and His word. The joys and challenges of life, when shared, offer invaluable lessons that draw us closer to the Divine. In the collective pursuit of faith, hope, and love, we recognize that our bond with God is strengthened by the ties that bind us to one another. Come, be a part of our community, and let us discover the magnificence of God through the tapestry of our shared lives.
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God’s Word Changes Lives One Person At A Time.

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Sunday Mornings:
9:30 AM – Sunday School – In Person
10:30 AM – Worship Service – In Person & Online
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